Midnight Bite

Midnight Bite is a stealth game were you take the role of a young vampire that after discovering he has no food left in his fridge ventures into the human lands looking for a snack.
Initially the game was going to feature full 2D graphics, but at early stages of development it was decided to have 3D characters on 2D scenarios, so as I was in charge of the 3D characters (modeling, rigging and animation) I had to adapt and redising most of the characters to fit into the new style.

Developer Milkstone Studios
Gameplay & Programming Alejandro Martinez
Programming, Sound & Music Miguel Herrero
Programming Jesús Lopez
2D Art & UI Design Juan Fernandez
Character Art Santi Orozco

Status Released (2014)
Engine Unity
Platform iOS/Xbox Live Indie Games

Finalist at Best console Premios de la Academia Española de las Artes y las Ciencias Interactivas 2014