OCB – Blackthinking

Blackthinking is an interactive website shaped as an oldschool graphic adventure videogame for the french smoking paper company OCB. In this project I worked as character modeler, rigger and animator on all the characters. Besides that I worked on the design of several characters (the gangsters and the owls).
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Direction Diestro
Production Miriam Romero
Client OCB
Agency Road
Art Direction David Fernández
3D Physalia
3D & Animation Santi Orozco
Compositing Hugo Basism & Physalia
Character Design David Fernández, Santi Orozco & Lucas Stolz
UI Txema Alguacil & Javier Gutiérrez
Matte Paints David Fernández , Txema Alguacil & Lucas Stolz
Scale Models Noemí Batllori & Physalia
Programming Medusa Team & Nitsnets
Interactive direction & Flash animation Medusa Team
Photography Marc Ambrós