Role Character Artist | Status Released (2016) | Platform PC, Xbox One, PS4 | Developed at Milkstone studios

Pharaonic is a 2.5D side scrolling action RPG set in a fantasy Ancient Egypt, heavily inspired by east mediterranean bronze age and the Fertile Crescent civilisations.
For this project was in charge of character art (design, modeling, texturing & rigging) and character related props (weapons, armor, etc).


Developer Milkstone Studios
Game Design & Programming Alejandro González
Game Design, Programming & Sound Miguel Herrero
Programming Carlos Albertos
Character Art Santi Orozco
Character Animation Desi Garrido
Environment Art & UI Juan Fernández
Aditional 3D art Isabel Arboleya
Aditional 3D art Pablo Gonzalez
Script Víctor Ojuel
Músic Carlos Viola

Nomination to Best technology at IX Premios Nacionales del Videojuego
Nomination to Most addictive game at Indie Burger Awards 2016
Nomination to We want a sequel award at Indie Burger Awards 2016 
Nomination to Less Indie game award at Indie Burger Awards 2016