White Noise 2

White Noise 2 is a 4vs1 asymmetric first person horror game, where a team of investigators has to collaborate to find the clues before the Creature catches them all.

In this project I’ve been in charge of character design, modeling, rigging and some texturing and animation.

On the investigators side, I worked on Iker, Anna, Rinko, Phileas, Vincent and Maria. And on the creatures side, I worked on Olkoth and Rusalka.

Besides creating the new characters for this game, I also upgraded the existing characters from the previous games so they could be used in Unity.

Developer Milkstone Studios
Game Design Alejandro González
Programming Alejandro González | Miguel Herrero
Character Art Santi Orozco | Emma Salamanca | David García
Environment Art Juan Fernández
Sound & VFX Miguel Herrero

Status Released (2017)
Engine Unity
Platforms PC, PS4, XboxOne